10 Most Disturbing PlayStation Advertisements

Maybe you still remember the early ads about Playstation. They were a little bit conservative, and just introduced the product without mind blow anyone. While after the launch of PS2 and PS3, the ads about playstations turn out to be greatly different. They may be humor or disgusting, and no matter you like or not, they are definitely impressive. Below we have collected several Playstation ads, disturbing though, they are in its own way effective. Enjoy~

  • suspects

    Hands down – without Sony Playstation Advertisement, gaming advertisment would be boring. They are the best and if you wanna be the best, you have to reinvent oneself…

  • http://www.wwtdd.com Sana Sultan

    i like the 1st one, those tits got me off. I wish mine were that small

  • Kenneth

    These have nothing to do with the Play Station.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if you just put PlayStation watermarks on weird pictures you found.
    Also, I don’t think PS ads would come with nudity.

  • John

    These are real PS ads, retard

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