Advertisements can be found almost anywhere. Whether you’re driving down the road, listening to the radio, watching TV or flipping through magazines, people are bombarded on each side by messages trying to get them to purchase a product or hire a service. Although there have been arguments over whether or not advertising really does influence customers to buy products, many companies still spend a lot of money on one advertisement in the hopes that it will boost their profits.

Good ads have the power to make consumers stop and pay attention to it. Who doesn’t know iPod’s silhouette series or Geico’s caveman series of advertisements and commercials? As a result of those ads, sales increased significantly for the two companies.

Advertising establishes awareness of the service or product and can convey attitudes, emotions and messages to attract and intrigue people. Those are some of the main goals of an advertisement. However, some ads fall short in their purpose. Knowing how to make effective ads doesn’t occur overnight, but there are some rules that professional advertising agencies follow in order to create effective ads that will appeal to people and hopefully boost the revenue of the company.

It’s also a fact that the increasing competition today requires better ads. On the other hand, most people have already evaded advertisements and even used technical methods to choose them. Thus, advertising agencies should look for new means to improve their ads. Good advertising is certainly important for any business and it’s not done to win a prize, but to get the most effective and direct response from the company’s target audience. It should not be separated from social economy and local culture.

As one of the best advertising archives, Creative Ad Awards aims to serve all advertising fans and everyone who needs it. If you’re worried about getting advertisements that are poorly done, you don’t need to be. You’ll feel comfortable here as we provide the most creative and refined ads you can find out there. All ads follow the SIMPLE concept. These ads will certainly entice you rather than put you off.

Want to find the right ad for your needs, but you’re not that patient or don’t have the time to pick it out from the numerous ads? Don’t worry. We’ve sorted the ads we provide. All you need to do is to click Category and choose the ad you want. That’s it! If you need ads from a particular country or region, just click Location and you’ll get the ad you require. You can also choose to view the ad in full size and get more information about it such as the date when it was published, the advertising agency and its description. If you’re done, you can comment and rate it.

All you need is a compatible browser, an internet-enabled computer and the correct website and you’ll get access to the ads in various styles. Advertising agencies and interested individuals can also submit their advertising projects.

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