Diesel: Be Stupid Advertising Campaign

“Be Smart” – that is what our parents and teachers told us since we were young. While Diesel, an international jeans brand, takes “Be Stupid” as its philosophy. Are you feeling inexplicable? Maybe the following slogans will help you take away your doubts.

Diesel Stupid Philosophy

Like balloons, we are filled with hopes and dreams. But. Over time a single sentence creeps into our lives. Don’t be stupid. It’s the crusher of possibility. It’s the worlds greatest deflator. The world is full of smart people. Doing all kind of smart things… Thats smart.
Well, we’re with stupid. Stupid is the relentless pursuit of a regret free life. Smart may have the brains…
but stupid has the balls. The smart might recognize things for how they are. The stupid see things for how they could be. Smart critiques. Stupid creates. The fact is if we didnt have stupid thoughts wed have no interesting thoughts at all. Smart may have the plans… but stupid has the stories.
Smart may have the authority but stupid has one hell of a hangover. Its not smart to take risks… Its stupid.
To be stupid is to be brave. The stupid isnt afraid to fail. The stupid know there are worse things than failure… like not even trying.
Smart had one good idea, and that idea was stupid. You can’t outsmart stupid. So don’t even try. Remember only stupid can be truly brilliant. ( Source from Diesel )

The “Be Stupid” campaign is looking for 100 creative individuals (so-called stupid acts) to feature its coming Diesel Stupid Music Video, and will double up as Diesel’s 2010 clothing catalogue. Meanwhile, the unique video will not only exhibit the new collection, it will also expose the participators and their creative cause by directing people to their personal website and social networks. The following is the campaign, enjoy it and you will find what the real “Stupid” is.

Smart May Have The Brains, But stupid Has The Balls.

Smart Critiques. Stupid Creates.

Smart May Have The Answers,But Stupid Has All The Interesting Questions.

Smart Has The Plans,Stupid Has The Stories.

Smart Listens To The Head.Stupid Listens To The Heart.

Smart Says No. Stupid Says Yes.

Stupid Is Trial And Error.Mostly Error.

Smart Had One Good Idea And That Idea Was Stupid.

If We Didn’t Have Stupid Thoughts We’d Have No Interesting Thoughts At All.

We’re With Stupid.

Smart Sees What There Is. Stupid Sees What There Could Be.

Only The Stupid Can Be Truly Brilliant.

Stupid Might Fail. Smart Doesn’t Even Try.

Smart Plans. Stupid Improvises.

Long Live Stupid.

  • Jim Jones

    I love the campaign, even if they are painting their typical clientele in a “nice” light… :)


  • http://www.behance.net/Debashis Debashis

    Hey, this is really …really cool. I love the idea of “smart and stupid”. But more than that I liked the way it has been represented. Very creative !!!

  • http://www.kamilawyroslak.pl Kamila

    GREAT!!! I want to be stupid all my life – even..short life :)

  • George DD

    Well, according to your philosophy, I’ve been stupid all my life. And while the going has often been tough, in the long run it always pays off to be stupid. Most people can never achieve their full potential because of the risk of looking stupid, so they operate at only a fraction of their capacity. I want to discover my true potential, wherever that my take me. Risk is an inherent part of that journey and I’ve ended up in some pretty crazy situations, not to mention quite a few dead ends. But as you say, if nobody was willing to take a risk, I mean a REAL risk, the kind of risk that could end in total self-destruction…..the USA would not exist, man would have never reached the moon and there would be no such thing as air travel. So long live stupid and bravo for your campaign! p.s. Henry Ford went bankrupt THREE TIMES before achieving success with the Model T…

  • amducias

    shameful… just shameful.

  • http://what-what.net shoaib hussain

    this is just amazing.n most of all both men and women are given equal chances to be stupid and smart.

  • http://hubpages.com/author/mktanny/latest/?rss Harshit

    thnx a lot some of the pics are so funny.

  • Sherri

    I love Diesel clothing but these ads will make me think twice on what Diesel is trying to portray as innovative marketing. BE STUPID campaign makes me think you really have to be stupid literally to be noticed. Marketing should evoke the senses and should make a statement. I think this statement is going to far. Is this company obviously stating that you should do stupid things to get noticed? Yes there are actions/statements that defies the norm and makes us think and even rebel. These ads are just foolish, it does not defy anything. Is this company mocking our generation by thinking were really that stupid?

  • http://seos.blogg.se Jas – seos blog

    I love it.

  • willis strong

    Stupid people believe everything they hear.

  • http://zinc.colaholicu.ro/blog Zinc


  • Dancho

    Creative, but stupid…

  • http://fragmenterupte.wordpress.com/ Ramses3

    wow sweet, dude

  • Meg

    I think it is smart to create such a stupid campaign!

  • rafik

    who else other than diesel whold have came out of this idea.its stupid no one did

  • adely

    It’s a really creative campaign, but very stupid.
    Who wears Diesel is stupid, so I prefer to stay smart. and never wear Diesel.

  • biggienavs

    Did no one else notice that out of 38 ads and 70+ models there is only one shot of a brown-skinned person? Only one. And there are more half-naked and naked women than similar men? Really? I’m not one to pose “evil white man” or “evil men” conspiracies, but this is obviously lopsided to the extent that it’s no accident. Did anyone else think that maybe you don’t need Diesel clothing to be creative and free? Maybe “creative” and “free” don’t mean “reckless,” “wanton,” or “slutty?” This is nothing but a psuedo-intellectual attempt to get middle class white people to buy clothing they don’t need.

    • J

      I’m writing an essay about this. I noticed the ridiculous lack of any one who isn’t white and the ads in which there is someone of colour they are always men who are in submissive positions. I was also very frustrated by the severe gender role implications. Women: to be popular and “stupid” you must take off your clothes and get into bed with men that are stupid choices. Men: To be hip and cool you should be destructive, aggressive and funny. Hmmm……

  • http://howtotweak.com Flinn Megal

    hahaha that made my day ,these ads are so creative n full of sweetness in some or the other way.

  • http://- Kollo Homolka

    I thinks it’s all just wack. Nice tits though. Liked the elephant too.

  • http://ramalhowebblog.blogspot.com Ramalho

    Hi WEB Family,

    Awesome campaign collection, very simple and clean. Now I say what Simplicity!!!!

    Thanks fro sharing

  • JH

    Yes – what this world really needs is more “stupid is fun and sexy, smart is bad” type of thinking. Didn’t the Bush years go already, or is the Americanized part of the Western world still in the “stupid is manly and real, smart dishonest and suspicious” mindset?

    This is the crappiest campaign I’ve seen in a long time.

  • jani

    i wouldn’t say this is shameful cause it isn’t that way at all, ppl ya have to think out of the box, that was the main idea of the campaign , be urself n dont b ashamed of that, u r not stupid, u are just u :)

  • http://dzineors.blogspot.com/ eddykodow

    very cool campaign…

  • http://maritnyhus.blogg.no Marit

    THIS is brilliant!

  • http://www.squidoo.com/jeansdiesel jeans homme

    Stupid is smart, as outlined by fashion house and popular jean manufacturer DIESEL. After their provocative ads campaigns and sex sells philosophy to maintain them on top, It’s no big surprise that their most recent ad campaign “the stupid philosophy” is equally as avant garde.

  • farid krueger

    being a stupid is more fun than being a smart !! lol

  • Tawnya

    I think this campaign is interesting. It was first introduced to me in my Business Communications class. We definitely all looked at it twice. How could you not? The whole idea of it, however, is a little bizarre to me. Bizarre may be good, but it’s…stupid. If I based wearing Diesel jeans on these ads, it wouldn’t happen. I wouldn’t want to be portrayed as “stupid.” I get the whole “it’s not smart to take risks…it’s stupid,” but I would like to think that I am a smart individual and I take risks everyday. All personal opinion I guess, but I’m not completely sold on the idea.

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  • Arun

    The latest in this campaign is a crazy event in London tomorrow – dressing up as animals, live art on a huge noahs ark and a world record to boot. Register on the Diesel facebook page and head to Allen Gardens near Brick Lane tomorrow!

  • http://jbiros.tk/ jbiros

    awesome design…. awesome content…. I will regularly visit this site….

    and also… I loved to be stupid… :)

  • Being Stupid is NOT funny!

    Really?! This campaign really turns me off. I don’t even want walk close to their store not to mention to shop there.

  • Being Stupid is NOT funny!


  • Kagisho

    stupid campaign – but brilliant!!! biGuPz to Diesel 4 ths 1.
    note “sTuPiD”, aka dope, awesome, brilliant, etc. in other circles!!!

  • http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v287/kittyfo/004g1syc.jpg kittyfo

    Yeah. Smart doesn’t try because it’s stupid. I especially love the girl with the lion one. Nice job , yeah you have balls but your gonna get horribly horribly killed. At least you had balls right?

    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v287/kittyfo/004g1syc.jpg truthiness verison.

  • IRB

    I have been a long time consumer and this is by far the lamest campaign I have ever heard of. It’s not going to make me remember Diesel, it’s going to make me think twice about wanting to be associated with stupidity.

  • pud

    this is the worst ad campaign i’ve ever seen. this is worse than jesus christ performing abortions with a kitchen-aid hand mixer. this is worse than malcolm x selling the best brand of rope to lynch niggers with. this is awful. not only does this play to anti-intellectualism, it glorifies it. it’s not ironic, and it’s not funny. it’s not even memorable.

  • Gabrielle

    This is bull****. if you were stupid, you wouldn’t have been able to come up with this Advertising concept. Hell, you wouldn’t even know what advertising is. Stupid gets you nowhere. Smart could take you anywhere!

  • Gabrielle

    I don’t think “stupid” is the term you should be using. I think you people mean “bold” or “daring”. Those are definitely in no way connected to the word “stupid”.

  • precious

    most often we blame our faliure on our stupidity but if it wasnt for that stupid mistake or risk most of us wouldnt be where we are…in life the stupidest thoughts are the one which succcessed.and may if it wasn’t for that thought ,we often call “stupid” thought. it didnt successed ,it made us aware or learn…that why stupid people never stop trying..

  • http://lickitornot.com Andrew Fisher

    This is pathetic. What a disgusting display of sheer drivelry by Diesel’s marketers. Not only is it an embarrassing failure, but it’s a testament to their unprofessional laziness. Could they not think of a more intelligent way to appeal to our sense of humor while still displaying the benefits of courage and taking risks? They obviously want me to associate their brand with the excitement of stepping outside the box and the success of taking risks, but for a long time after this, I will only associate their brand with the horrifying demise of our society through the influx of mass idiocy. Good job guys, you look stupid.

  • Makis_exoL


  • Gerardo Mattos

    amazing philosofy.

  • R-yan Chaudhary

    Stupid but amazing Idea..

  • August Bällgren

    Just stupidity nothing smart at all. Considering there is not just no model of colour, there is also this problematic picture with the white man “joking around” in a traditional native american bonnet. its straight up pissing on their culture if they think thats the way to look if ur “stupid”

  • Mike

    Stupid idea. Bravo!

  • sterredag

    This is the most stupid advertising campaign I have ever seen!!!

    Now the smart ones will get bullied even more, and the ones that don’t want that are going to be stupid by choice… also this is sexually based, so more stupid behaviour in that area. Bravo you have won the stupidst advertising campaign ever!

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